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Logistics hotspot

Conquer the European hinterland
from Venlo

Logistics hotspot

Fresh Park Venlo: there is a good reason why we are known as the definitive logistics hotspot. We form the link between the import and export ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the German and European market. Fresh Park Venlo is accessible in a variety of ways: via road, water and rail. This facilitates the sustainable supply of your products and fresh goods.

Direct Connection Motorways
A67, A73/A61 (D)

2 barge terminals
2 km, 24 km

2 train terminals
< 1km

Eindhoven 64km
Dusseldorf 75km

Rotterdam 170km
Antwerpen 140km

More information?

European food hub

Within a 2-hour driving radius you can reach 34 million affluent consumers in the German region Nordrhein-Westfalen.

And within a 9-hour driving radius you can serve 152 million European consumers with your fresh products.




By rail, inland waterway, motorway and air: Fresh Park Venlo is acessible in all possible ways. Fresh Park Venlo B.V. enables multimodal transport solutions to play a vital role in the efficient and sustainable transport of products and fresh goods. For example, by actively using barge and rail terminals. Road freight can be restricted to such a degree that CO2 emissions are reduced, while substaintial cost savings are simultaneously generated.

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Are you interested in locating to Fresh Park Venlo? Then please feel free to visit our park. One of our team members will give you a tour of the most fascinating areas throughout the park. After your visit, the endless possibilities will be clear to you. Allow us to meet you and help you conquer the European market in a fresh way!

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