Plot size Approx. 15.000m2
Construction date TBD
Lease price TBD
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For rent at Fresh Park Venlo

Warehouse (conditioning possible)


Fresh Park Venlo is a modern Food business park located in the Logistic Hotspot Venlo. The warehouse (approx. 10,000 m2 ) which is part of an already developed location can be developed on request and if E-connection is available. Hines Fresh Park Venlo is working on its own smart E-grid”.
. The warehouse is located on a plot of over 15,000 m².

Conditioning (hall cooling/cooling cells or freezer cells) is possible!


The new development is located at Fresh Park Venlo, in the middle of a major food production area, between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the European hinterland. Many internationally operating companies have chosen Fresh Park Venlo as the hub for their Euroregional distribution activities.


Fresh Park Venlo lies at the junction of the A67 and A73 motorways, which connect in the west to Rotterdam and Antwerp, east to the German Ruhr area (Duisburg/Düsseldorf), north to Arnhem/Nijmegen and south to Maastricht, Liège and Brussels.

Port connection

The Park has good connections to the airports of Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Liège, Amsterdam and Brussels, all of which have cargo facilities.
Venlo has a barge container terminal, the Cabooter Rail Terminal and the European Container Terminal (ECT), which connects the park with Rotterdam, Antwerp and to the hinterlands of Germany/Europe; even to China via the silk rail road.



  • Layout floor area               Metrage (in m²)
  • Warehouse                          approx. 9.320
  • Office                                    approx. 300


  • Parking: ample possibilities


Business space:

  • Floor area: approx. 9.320 m2 (depth 78 metres – width 120 metres )
  • Clear height approx. 10.7 metres;
  • Floor load 5.000 kg/m² – point load 6.000 kg;
  • 12 electrical dock doors (2,5 x 2 m) with bumpers, electrical levellers and Seals and dock numbers
  • Fully sprinklered
  • 2x elektrische, insulated overhead door (4,0 x 4,5 m);
  • lighting up to 150 Lux, LED lamps;
  • All-Electric

Office space:

  • Floor area: approx. 300 m2
  • Reception, traffic areas, sanitar, social areas with tiles
  • Pantry: present;
  • Mechanical ventilation with energy efficient heat recovery combined with top cooling;
  • Glazing: HR++
  • Attractive main entrance;
  • Fire alarm system and fire extinguishers;
  • All-Electric.

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